Scientific Advisory Board

María Teresa Herrera Vivar

María Teresa Herrera Vivar, social scientist (focus on: decolonial / postcolonial feminist theories and methodologies, critical (adult) education, gender and queer studies, and critical migration research), currently university assistant at the Institute of Political Science, University of Innsbruck; formerly a research associate at Goethe University Frankfurt; engaged in various racism-critical initiatives for many years.

Sandra Altenberger

Sandra Altenberger, social pedagogue in the youth sector, fellow of the doctoral program “Gender and gender relations in transformation: spaces – relations – representations”. Research interests: postcolonial theory, critique of racism, critical gender research, intersectionality.

Florian Ohnmacht

Florian Ohnmacht is university assistant at the Research- and Teaching Department “Migration and Education” at the Institute of Educational Science of the University of Innsbruck. Previously, he studied political science and sociology and worked as an university assistant at the Institute of History and European Ethnology of the University of Innsbruck.

Marta César

Coming soon.

Verena Teissl

Doctors degree in comparative studies from the University of Innsbruck, is professor of cultural management and cultural studies at FH Kufstein Tirol. Co-established the International Film Festival Innsbruck (IFFI) between 1992 and 2002, was project manager in the programme department of Viennale (2002-2009). Recent publications: Kulturveranstaltung Festival (2013) and Kulturtourismus in Tirol. Chancen und Widerstände in einer Alpenregion (2017, co-authored with Klaus Seltenheim), both transcript Verlag Bielefeld.