Films 2020

Edition 2020 opens the film festival to new perspectives and themes. Instead of focusing on a specific topic, participating filmmakers and experts from previous years were invited to shape the programme and propose films. Films that have inspired them, that empower, that provide a necessary perspective for the current discourse on migration and flight. We thank Helin Celik, Alexandra D’Onofrio, Rosine Mbakam, Ziad Kalthoum and Ömer Alkın for their contributions!

Peter Beauvais | DE 1968 | 72 min

More Raça | KO 2016 | 24 min

Marco Piccarreda, Gaia Formenti | IT 2018 | 52 min

Sara Fattahi | AT, SY, LB, QA 2018 | 95 min

Mohamed el Khatib | FR, MA, BE 2018 | 78 min