A matter of fact…

The permanent, global movement of people, information and goods is a reality in our world today. Migration has gone on for centuries, yet it is still tied in with an ideological and emotional discourse. In everyday life we constantly encounter people of all kinds of backgrounds, cultural affiliations and origins. But what is the context in which these encounters take place? What kind of relations emerge? How do the people in their encounter touch and change each other and the society they live in?

… our idea

INNCONTRO – Film Festival offers a place for such encounters as well as space to reflect on socio-political matters like marginalization, racist narratives as well as their entanglement with classism, sexism and heteronormative ideals. The moving picture as a projection of the inner self allows a special approach to the joy and the sorrow, the surprises and obstacles that come along with life in a new home or in exile. The medium of film encourages an identification with the protagonists, film makers and their experiences, it invites the audience to reconsider their own point of view, to experience and to scrutinize society from the perspective of a different social and cultural positioning.

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