The Festival

Film festival as a place of exchange and encounter on issues related to (post)migration, flight, exile and belonging.

Inncontro 2023

We are looking forward to the 6th edition of the Inncontro Film Festival from November 23-25, 2023 at Leokino Innsbruck!

Childhood & Youth

The focus of the 2023 film festival is childhood and youth in the context of migration. More information coming soon!

Matter of fact...

The permanent, global movement of people, information and goods is an anthropological and contemporary reality. The encounter of people with the most diverse biographies, affiliations and identifications is a constant part of everyday life. But under what conditions and power relations do these encounters take place?

... our idea

INNCONTRO – International Film Festival of Multiplicity promotes exchange on (post-)migration, flight and exile in the form of international feature films and documentaries as well as their discursive embedding and mediation. The aim is neither to romanticise the reality of migration nor to victimise its protagonists. Thus, the focus is also always on agency, strategies and practices of resistance of the protagonists.