Festival 2022


Inncontro – International Film Festival of Multiplicity encourages the critical exchange on topics and conditions of (post)migration, flight and exile – by means of international feature films and documentaries as well as conversations that focus on the perspectives and agency of those who have migrated or are migrantized, who were forced to flee or are fleeing, who experience racism or are affected by the consequences of current hostile migration regimes.

The focus of the 2022 film festival is “Belonging”.

Belonging in the context of (post)migration appears as a multi-layered, ambiguous, obstinate and boundless process, as a struggle and negotiation, as something that eludes the determination by bureaucratic acts of the distribution of rights of belonging qua passport or status. Of positions “between the chairs”, the naturalness of multiple belongings in a reality “after” migration or belonging as a place of longing. 

As always, the Inncontro opens with a historical perspective on the main theme: Gölge – Zukunft der Liebe (1980) not only provides insight into the life and search for identity of a growing 18-year-old. Sema Poyraz’s coming-of-age story in pre-reunification Kreuzberg also shows how early there were (feature) films that questioned the homogeneous film and television landscape and attempted to depict (post)migrant realities of life – productions that to this day receive far too little of the attention they deserve.

Four other selected documentaries and feature films illustrate the diversity of possible negotiations of “Belonging” and pose questions about the meaning of language, personal history (Riz Cantonais 2015) and family (A Fish Tale 2019), but also about the political and social conditions that make “Belonging” difficult in racist migration regimes (Silence Heard Loud 2022).

Futur Drei (2020), the award-winning, autobiographical directorial debut of Faraz Shariat, closes this year’s festival with an equally resolute, yet post-migrant queer counter-draft to conventional cinema that inspires and touches with its strength, sensitivity and aesthetics.

We are looking forward to an impressive film and discussion program and three days full of intense encounters and reflections!

Films 2022

Sema Poyraz, Sophokles Adamidis | DE 1980 | 92 min

Anna Konik |  PL 2022 | 71 min

Mia Ma | FR 2015 | 50 min

Emmanuelle Mayer | IL 2019 | 52 min

Faraz Shariat | DE 2020 | 92 min

Exhibition 2022

Exhibition from 17-19 November 2022 at Leokino

Short quotes, embedded in a historical perspective, provide lively, surprising, funny to melancholic and at the same time clear answers. These are words of all those who – voluntarily or not – are “de-homed”. The true “heimat<loser”?

Interviews of young people and adults are the core of the exhibition heimat<loser. In addition, there is a historical review and political outlook on questions of legal belonging to a community, a country. In the interviews, four modes of experience became clear: “strangers,” “arrivals,” and ” multi-homelanders” face a generation that (humorously) takes the question of belonging ad absurdum and lives in a reality “after migration” in which either everyone or no one is “zugroast.”

The exhibition heimat<loser will travel through Tyrolean communities in 2022. Accompanying it, poetry slam workshops on the topic of home will be held in schools. Texts and images of the students will be incorporated into the traveling exhibition. 

An exhibition by Zentrum für Migrantinnen und Migranten in Tirol – ZeMiT, Dokumentationsarchiv Migration Tirol – DAM and der Anlauf-, Service- und Monitoringstelle für rassismus- und diskriminierungskritische Arbeit in Tirol – ARAtirol.

Supporters 2022