Peur de Rien

The 18-year old Lebanese Lina leaves her native Beirut in order to escape from the tightness of her estranged family and to enjoy the freedom of the life as a college student in modern Paris. However, as exciting as this new world may seem to her, she is suddenly also confronted with racist prejudices and the macho behaviour of her first lovers – until she starts to take her destiny into her own hands. Carried by the impressive screen presence oft he Lebanese-French leading actress Manal Issa, who was discovered for the film through her social media profile, Peur de Rien excels “fearlessly“, as promised by the film title with the unsparing display of modern everyday sexism which we all have got used to way too much.

Danielle Arbid Born 1970 in Lebanon. Studied Journalism and Comparative Literature in Paris. Since 1997 she has worked as an internationally acclaimed filmmaker and has received several awards (such as the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, or the Prix Albert Londres). In Austria she is mostly known due to her production for the European culture TV channel ARTE, Beirut Hotel (2012). Most of her films have been banned in her home country.


Film distributor in France: Ad Vitam
International film distributor: Films Boutique
Cast: Manal Issa, Vincent Lacoste, Paul Hamy, Damien Chapelle, Dominique Blanc, Clara Ponsot, India Hair, Elina Lowensohn, Bastien Bouillon, Orelsan, Mathilde Bisson, Waleed Zuaiter, Alain Libolt, Darina & Dima Al Joundi, Philippe Résimont
Direction & Script: Danielle Arbid
Author: Danielle Arbid, together with Julie Peyr and Pierre Shoeller
Producers: Les Films Pelléas ; Orjouane Films