Kibidoué Eric Bayala

Musician, poet, passionate screenwriter and director of four documentaries with a focus on interculturality, most recently Widerklang der Seele (AT 2017, 86 min). Born in Burkina Faso, home to the African Film Festival. Lives with his family in Igls since 2003, in 2006 founded the association Verein Sahel Tirol, of which he is currently chairman. Works on his PhD thesis at the Institute of Sociology in University of Innsbruck. Since 2013 consultant for Zentrum für MigrantInnen in Tirol (centre for Tyrolean migrants).

Marco Friedrich Trenkwalder

Studied educational science at University of Innsbruck. Works as a freelancer in video production and filmmaking, technician in diverse theatre productions. Received two short film awards in 2011 for Les Fleurs du Mal and ERROR 3000. Developed the silent film fairy tale Das Glück der Lücke between 2012 and 2017. Initiator of the DIAMETRALE, Internationales (Film)Festival für Experimentelles und Komisches (International Film Festival for Experiments and Weirdness).

Michael Haupt

Studied educational science at University of Innsbruck. Head of Initiative Minderheiten Tirol, management board member of Tiroler Kulturinitiativen/IG Kultur Tirol (Tyrolean cultural initiatives), long-time cultural worker in various fields. Producer and presenter at FREIRAD, free radio Innsbruck, exhibitions and publications as photographer. Involved conceiving, producing and acting in several short films.

Andrea Krotthammer

MA in German and French (teaching degree) from University of Innsbruck/ Université de Montréal with a focus on Quebec literature and film. Since 2014 at Newspaper Archive Innsbruck, since 2015 at the Center of Canada Studies Innsbruck, since 2011 at Goldenes Dachl museum. Writes film reviews in French for Quebec online portal Le Petit Septième.

Verena Teissl

Doctors degree in comparative studies from the University of Innsbruck, is professor of cultural management and cultural studies at FH Kufstein Tirol. Co-established the International Film Festival Innsbruck (IFFI) between 1992 and 2002, was project manager in the programme department of Viennale (2002-2009). Recent publications: Kulturveranstaltung Festival (2013) and Kulturtourismus in Tirol. Chancen und Widerstände in einer Alpenregion (2017, co-authored with Klaus Seltenheim), both transcript Verlag Bielefeld.

Bernhard Oskar Schneider

Intern at Initiative Minderheiten. Studies Political Science and Philosophy at University of Innsbruck. Producer and presenter at Radio OE1 and FREIRAD, working in the wide field of sound as a DJ, performance artist and composer, former trainer for German as a foreign language for male migrants.

Alena Klinger

Employee at Initiative Minderheiten Tirol. Studied Sociology at Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, currently doing her master’s degree in “Gender, Culture and Social Change” at University of Innsbruck. Freelance photographer and designer.

Margit Leiner-Henry

English/American and Spanish Cultural Studies with focus on teaching, University of Innsbruck. Certificate of Bilingualism (Italian/German) of the Republic of Italy. Vocational training course for Tourism and Marketing Assistance at WIFI Innsbruck (Vocational Training Centre of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce). TEFL-Certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). (Project)work in the fields of touristic organisation in Trieste/Italy and cultural organisation at the Italien-Zentrum (Italian Studies Centre) of the University of Innsbruck and in Yokosuka/Japan. Language instructor (English, Italian, Spanish, German; various age groups) at private and public institutions in Innsbruck, Trieste, as well as in Yokosuka and Yokohama/Japan.