Festival 2018

Focus 2018

The kick-off festival 2018 pays special attention to the interrelation of migration and gender. It is therefore the perspective and experience of women* that will be central and made visible on screen. The special positioning of women* in and after the act of migrating itself stems from various factors: Women* are more often subject to sexual violence during flight/migration, and they are more strongly affected by mechanisms of exclusion and discrimination in the integration process.

The reasons are diverse and can be traced back to cultural, economic, social and educational contexts as well as to dominant gender roles in the host community. Female migrants are affected by cultural stereotypes and racism on various levels: As women*, as “foreigners” or as non-members of a dominant religion.

The focus of this year’s International Film Festival for Multiplicity is to broach the issue of intersectionality – the overlap of multiple experiences of discrimination and exclusion in one individual – of the female position in the migration process – and to provide room for debate and a stage for the specific experiences of women*.

*The asterisk serves as a reference to the fact that the notion woman is a social construction that only strives to describe a very heterogeneous, social group.

Teaser by Marco Friedrich Trenkwalder | www.besserezeiten.at