Krieg im Frieden

SAT, 17 NOV 2018 | 15:15 | LEO 2

Krieg im Frieden

The animated film illustrates the grueling experience of the life „in between“ of all those refugees who have witnessed war and can‘t get over the traumatic images in exile, that is meant to be safe.

Luise Fiedler Born 1985 in Dresden, studied illustration design at Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg, finished her master studies in 2015. Producer of various award-winning animated films (Chassé) and participation at international film and theatre productions.

Production details

Regie: Luise Omar
Produktion: Ingmar Böschen
Schnitt: Luise Omar
Animation: Luise Omar, Ruben Vandendriessche
Musik: Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer, Genre’s Klangbüro
Ton: Teis Syvsig
Buch: Akin Sipal